Peugeot Electric Scooter

French car manufacturer that also manufactures motor, Peugeot Motorcycle, re-introduce their latest concept electric scooters, E-Vivacity, in the event EICMA International Motorcycle Show in Milan, Italy, which took place on November 2 to 7 yesterday. The manufacturer is actually ever produce an electric scooter on display at the Cologne Motorcycle Show in 1996. But in 2006, production was stopped after a total production has reached 3500 units.
Peugeot  Electric Scooter
As positive response to product, Peugeot back in 2009 that produces an electric scooter. And together EICMA 2010, this manufacturer again incubate new electric scooter concept. As reported by, the French motor manufacturer said, "This scooter represents a change in the urban transport sector. In addition, the scooter is comfortable and easy to be controlled and powered, "said Peugeot Motorcycle. Electric scooter with a new concept of weight is 115 kg, claimed Peugeot have traveled 45 km to the stop and go. Meanwhile, if taken with a constant velocity, the distance can reach 60 km. E-Vivacity equipped with a rechargeable battery power source at home. To fully charge the battery only takes charge for 5 hours. Peugeot is said, his battery was designed to withstand up to 1000 times recharging.

Batteries can also be programmed to recharge itself when the motor deceleration. In addition to a solution to ecological sustainability, this scooter is also very cheap. Because the cost to move the electric power of less than 20 Euro or 28 USD or about Rp 250 thousand per year. This model will complement the reportedly Peugeot E-Vivacity family line in 2011.


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