2011Bajaj Pulsar New Generation Final Rival Appears CBR 250R

Bajaj Auto, motorcycle giant's second-largest in India, claims will bring the latest generation Pulsar model at the end of 2011. Thus alluded to managing director Rajiv Bajaj of Bajaj Auto Discover 125 at launch new models, on Thursday (31 / 3) yesterday, in India.

Rajiv admitted Pulsar will carry the latest generation design platform is different from the current model is still sold in India, including Indonesia. 44-year-old leadership is also declare that change is needed Pulsar model.

Bajaj, in his opinion, needs to compete with its Japanese competitors are increasingly aggressive build new models. In particular, it focuses Rajiv did not argue against the presence of the Honda CBR 250R in India.

"Bajaj Pulsar latest generation will be ready to compete in the near future," he said. As mentioned, whether a new generation of machines will Pulsar 250cc, Rajiv reluctant to testify. Rajiv also spoke about the possibility of Bajaj Pulsar engine will annexed KTM technology.

Rajiv just said the price of a new generation Pulsar will be very competitive. Design Pulsar also recognized will vary with the current model, so that votes can compete with the competitors in the supersport class


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