ZEV7000: World's fastest scooter

Less precise when you say electric scooter can not run fast. Look at this, which made ​​manufacturing ZEV7000 United States. With an electric motor powered 7Kw (7.000watt), this scooter can sped up to speeds above 113 km / hour.
ZEV7000 designed as a vehicle in the city, claimed as the fastest mass-production electric scooter in the world. Even in Nevada-based company said it ZEV7000 10 mph faster and cheaper than the VX-1E Vectrix scooter is worth 10,500 U.S. dollars. ZEV7000 while dibandrol 7237 U.S. dollars.
Not only that, Zev which makes its products at its factory in China, promote more efficient electricity ZEV7000 and more powerful than the average electric motors made ​​in China. In fact, 138Nm of torque produced ZEV7000 beat Yamaha YZF-R1 which only 117Nm.


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