Midalu 2500, the Most Powerful Motor

If the previous super bike the most vicious and powerful in the hands of BMW S1000R, now a revolutionary motor concoction of manufactur FGR results which also have Moto GP team of 125, was present as the physically most powerful motor in the world. FGR is Midalu 2500 resulting from the research for 6 years. Interestingly, the development of super-super powerful motor is fully funded by the State Czech Ministry of Industry.

In 2004, Miroslav Felgr comes with crazy ideas to make a motor with a cylinder volume of the largest in the world. A year later, he began working on the design. In 2007 the bike has been made and the beginning of 2008 he introduced the first prototype. As many as 45 people participated in compoticion physical design of this motor, and the name of Stanislav Hanus out as the winner.
Midalu 2500, the Most Powerful Motor
Motor is said to be one that makes people forget the motor of Germany, Japan and even Italy. Midalu 2500 equipped with a capacity of 2,500 cc V6 engine with a total weight of 270kg. However, this motor can dikatan relatively mild considering the materials used. With a capacity of 2.442 cc engine, air cooled, 6 cylinder conviguration V 90 degrees, the motor is claimed capable of spewing out power to 240 horsepower and torque over 200 Nm.

Looking at the specifications and power outputs from the kitchen, fair if the motor is thought to make people forget for a moment the output motors Germany, Japan and even Italy. It said the company, if there are potential buyers of this powerful super bike, do not close the possibility of FGR Midalu 2500 will enter the production phase in limited amounts.


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