Complete Guide Vespa PX 2011

Complete Guide  Vespa PX 2011

Piaggio Group, on Thursday (31 / 3) last week, officially reviving the legendary Vespa PX models. The model was initiated by the 2011 edition was then facing the Vespa club members in a parade that ended at the Imperial Closseum and Flora, in Rome, Italy.

Piaggio Vespa PX Group said as the world's most famous scooter. Model PX claimed to have installed the latest classic machines, but more environmentally friendly. "The style is unmatched, engine emission standards that respect, as well as the classic 4-speed transmission makes the Vespa PX steady and unique," wrote Piaggio in an official statement that

2011 Vespa PX appears also marks the 34th anniversary of the first generation of PX. Model PX is recognized as the most fantastic models of scooters in the world. At least, this model has sold over 3 million units across the continent.

Piaggio claims no scooters that can rival the sales of Vespa PX. This Italian company is also proud because PX previous models are still a lot of milling about in the streets in various parts of the world.

It is at once as a parameter of how the engine and the durability of the Vespa was tested. Pride is not an overstatement. Vespa is not just loved for its strength and durability. Vespa is also able to bind emotional owner, where other brands of scooters are rarely able to do that.

Vespa PX highly respected recent history. At least it is evident from the transfer system still uses 4-speed transmission on the handlebar. "An authenticity for fans. Together with the original design, the latest model beyond fashion, "said Piaggio.

Vespa Indonesia's motorcycle identical as the teacher is still instilling classical elements. Call it, the style, function, and driving ease. Latest models even still carrying steel body cells, the basis of conventional machines, and spare tire position behind the left hip convex skin.

Still Design Classics

Not a lot of design changes on the latest Vespa PX. You can still find retro style, even on the instrument panel: speedometer with dual scale km / h and mph, and fuel indicator light harmonious.

Even so, the Vespa PX saddle 2011 has changed slightly with a better packaging material. In addition, new upholstery alluded to a more comfortable, so establishing the PX 2011 as a touring vehicle that is stable.

Headlights are also no longer apply bohlan usual. To increase the transmit power and user safety, the headlamps now use halogen-tech bulbs that are brighter but not blinding. Reflectors are also modified for the reflection of a more measured and provide an attractive design value.

While the rear lights still like its predecessor model, which is shaped box. Piaggio says the design is reflected from the rear light PX previous models. The light is red, and have apisan transparent at the bottom to illuminate the license plate number.

As is known, starting from the era of motorized 98cc PX 1946 rear lamps carry the rounded model. Circuit and then revised using chrome elements 125cc generation began in 1962. Taillight own box model used from the 1970 on the model ET3 Primavera.

Both light sign (signal) attached to the front wing and rear end of the hip was also slightly new touch. Vespa fill it with transparent lids light yellow color. While still apply rubber grip handle black embossed logo "Vespa."

Unibody construction

The fundamental difference is shown Vespa scooter compared to most of today's unibody construction is  rely on to chassis. In addition to providing a sense of classic scooters, construction is emphasized as a requirement Piaggio scooter firm and precision in the balance.

Suspension front with left legan also be unique to Vespa. Working with screw springs and dual hydraulic shock absorbers, suspension is able to provide a soft shock and support the weight of the motor.

At the rear suspension duties are also different from most of the Vespa scooter. The reason, in addition to serving as swingarm (swing arm), this suspension participate sustain the position following the engine transmission unit. Uniquely, in the midst of such high loads, the rear suspension remained firm carry out their duties.

All wheel Vespa PX installing 10-inch diameter alloy wheels with 3.50 inch tire profile. Little wheels were guided 200mm diameter disc brake system (front) and 150mm drum (rear).

Green Machine Classical

Like the previous model, the Vespa PX 2011 is made in two engine options, namely 125cc and 150cc. Both kitchen back spur-wheel drive is configured 1-cylinder 2-stroke with air conditioning.

Even so, unlike the widely used teacher, the machine has been applying the technology, CDI electronic fuel supply and given electric starter button, in addition to the pedal crank starter.Statement ? Does 2-stroke engines still can fight with emissions standards in Europe? For this challenge Piaggio has posted a catalytic converter which is claimed to penetrate Euro3 emissions.

While the classic elements of the latter is still the application of the model 4-speed manual transmission with Transfer in hand. This concept also distinguishes typical modern scooters have been applying the system otomoatis CVT transmission.

For the 2011 Vespa PX is available in four colors: Sky-Blu Mediterraneo, Montebianco white, Rossi Dragon red, black and Nero Lucido


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